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Tuesday, 26 January 2010 18:52

Sex And Money

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TO claim that “the devil made me do it” will elicit ridicule and scorn. That’s for certain! Hansie Cronje, the disgraced cricket hero, was widely mocked when credited with this comment. But there is a certain degree of truth in the statement. The Bible tells us that God does not tempt us. But God has set up the system in which biblical principles are absolute, and sin always reaps consequences! God does allow us to be tempted. Our sinful nature and godless ways therefore open up a veritable minefield in terms of reaping consequences for our evil.

Sin does incur wrath, judgement and consequences even though the sinner, by God’s amazing grace, is accorded forgiveness and pardon when he confesses and repents. And of course we all know that Satan is the god of this age and is the chief administrator when it comes to enticing and trapping us! 
Indeed, the devil is constantly out there encouraging us in our misdemeanours, knowing full well just how much it displeases God when we succumb to the devil’s wiles. Evil finally is our own choice but the devil carefully aids and abets us

The spiritual battle is ongoing! Daily he fights for our minds in the classrooms and lecture halls, whether we want to believe it or not. Our enemy is not flesh and blood but principalities and powers.

When Jesus died on the cross He established the “road home” and “spiritual protection” for true believers. But Satan wars on. He has been defeated but not exterminated! He is a spiritual terrorist, whose final destination will be eternal damnation, but Satan is not there at the moment. He is still working from his evil base in the kingdom of darkness, and his ultimate plan is to take as many of us with him to hell.
How does he do that? Very simply, by enticing us to sin -- knowing that it separates us and affects our relationship with God. He tries very hard to ensure that we don’t get “born again” but if we do, he concentrates on reducing our effectiveness and joy by contaminating whatever “ledges” we might provide for him in our lives and lifestyles.
It is a terrorist campaign! A minefield of booby traps! A spider web of deception! We need to put on the full armour of God (Ephesians 6) and ensure that we are not “spiritual streakers,” thereby allowing the devil easy access to our lives.

There is, of course, a difference between affording Satan “lordship” in any area of your life as distinct from him just being a strong or nagging outside influence. Indeed it’s rather like there being a difference between being demon possessed and demon oppressed. That is heavy stuff, best left to those with experience and God-ordained expertise.
However, we need to know and accept categorically that sin and disobedience have consequences. Even an issue like not honouring your mother and father, has millions of youngsters wondering why things are not going well for them.
But, for me, there are two areas that are veritable time bombs – sex and money. Tick! Tick! Tick! I can just hear the clock ticking away and I can just picture the smiling and smirking face of the devil as he watches the daily damage mount. Sex and money. The devil’s time bombs!

In the concluding exhortations of Hebrews, chapter 13 and verses 4-6, the Bible states rather emphatically that marriage should be “honoured,” the “marriage bed kept pure,” that there is “judgement” for the “adulterer” and the “sexually immoral” and that the love of money is a curse!
It sums up by saying that we need to be “content” with what we have so that when can then say with “confidence” that we are “not afraid” of what man, or the devil, can do! Chances are that if you have no confidence or are afraid, the root will be there with money and sex. And all of this was confirmed in both the 10 Commandments and Sermon on the Mount!
Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, in chapter six, very strongly suggests that “sex” is a special sin! God is immutable, meaning He does not change or need to change. His revealed mind in the Old Testament very clearly suggests that there are no gray areas in terms of sexual sin. The sex laws (96) are second only to the health laws in the moral and civil categories.

All over God clarifies his position on sexual promiscuity! Why Lord? “So there is no doubt or confusion! No excuses” was the answer in my spirit.
The sexual permissiveness of the present time is unique in human history. It is an amoral, not just an immoral, society, scientifically trying to justify and vindicate itself. Sex has become an obsession, just look around at the magazines, the adverts and the proliferation of pornography. Life seems to be all about sexual fulfilment and sexual performance!
Perversion is no longer regarded as abnormal to this pleasure-seeking, pleasure-yielding hedonistic world. Seek marriage counselling and you might be told to have an affair or read pornography to stimulate a tired relationship. Live together to check out your sexual compatibility!

There is a massive difference between lust and love but that has been blurred over in the modern context. Sexual liberation – what a myth! Writes Erica Carle, an education researcher: “Sex is the ultimate weapon in people taming and people control. When sex is established in the mind as a dominant idea, the mind can be incapacitated, the emotions destroyed, personal identity, family life and maternal and paternal feelings ended. All else can be forgotten or regarded as unimportant when the mind is captured by the dominant idea of sex.”
Attempts at sex education among young people unfortunately mostly finish up as pure and unadulterated sex stimulation. It just increases interest and stimulates less ignorant participation.
And as for dishing out condoms: Well, that’s just licensing fornication!
Young girls these days are regularly sold the devil’s lie that if they don’t sleep with their partners, someone else will. God’s truth, His Light, is very simple and basic. The marriage bed is sacred. What God has joined together don’t dare try to break apart.
Sex is sacred. It is for procreation. It has profound spiritual dimensions! There is always an “emptiness” about adultery. Why? Because it is wrong! It is playing with fire! It carries consequences! Sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost.

Why do you feel “dirty” and “used” when involved with illicit sex? You feel guilty and defiled simply because it is detestable in God’s eyes. Sex is for the marriage bed alone! It is not a fun thing! It is not a plaything, a toy!
Any dog can satisfy his libido – that is “me-first mentality” lust!
There should be a natural reticence towards sex. And it is not a guilt complex but because it is very personal and intimate. It is not just a normal body function to be flouted and flaunted. Sexual sin stains the deepest part of our identity and that is why it leaves such a mark on young girls who have been interfered with or sexually abused! It pollutes the fountainhead of our highest creativity -- procreation. Because Satan can’t beget and conceive human life he hates this creative gift. Maybe that is why you find sexual perversion in most satanic rituals. Sexual sin breaks the bonds of the deepest human relationship (marriage); it breaks trust with the body of Christ (read Corinthians) and assaults the Lordship of Christ in your life.

A couple of minutes of lust has ruined multitudes of lives. Truly a time bomb!
The Bible tell us to let no debt remain outstanding except the debt of love (Romans 13:8).
You cannot serve both God and money, another one of those black-and-white statements from the Bible! Mammon is a world obsession and it is the greatest enemy in our relationship with God. Obviously money in itself is not evil but it is the love for it that turns us into greedy selfish monsters. Money does buy influence, power and friends and if you have money people tend to think you are clever! Money overrides all other qualifications, and certainly talks very persuasively.

The poor rich man! He can’t even be sure that his wife loves him. What a battle it is to set aside the motivation of gold and its power. In the parable of the soils, the one seed is choked by the worries and responsibilities of being rich and hedonistic.
Hard as it might be for the poor and uninitiated to understand, money, power and fame are a problem. Just ask King Solomon! Read Ecclesiastes. But, while genuine wealth does have its price in spiritual terms, what about those who don’t really have money but aspire to be seen to be rich and successful? This, too, has become an obsession. Motivational speakers tell us that we can all be rich and successful if we come to their seminars. There are preachers, too, who tell you that God wants you to be wealthy. And so the devil introduced his greatest iniquity -- credit!
God tells us that the borrower will always be servant of the lender (Proverbs 22:7) and that the rich will always govern the poor. That is a statement of truth. The devil just loves to lend you money so that you can worry about paying it back. And so debt begins to control and manipulate your life.

Its ironic that the more accounts you have got, the deeper you are in debt, the easier it seems to be to get more. You needed a good record of debt to be truly welcomed into the brotherhood of debt! Of course things have changed a little recently with the chaos created by all this greed.
Once you are in debt it really is very difficult to get out. It becomes a debt merry-go-round! Money problems and debt pulls the trigger on most murders, suicides and marriages -- and the devil is laughing all the way to the bank.
To over-buy and try to live beyond your means reveals a covetous spirit. And it is a huge problem. It is scary how many millions of people and nations in the world are shackled and trapped by the debt time-bomb, not to mention the detrimental affect it has had on multitudes of Christian lives and testimonies
And it really is not okay to downplay the influence and the consequences of sexual sin and debt.
They are the devil’s time bombs!

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